Jon Charles Rogers

One of the most eclectic and exciting authors of our times, he writes from amazingly diverse life experiences, a widely varied education, and a deep understanding of the human condition.
His world travels, his own rise out of poverty, his degrees in Business and Engineering, along with his many lifetime awards and a life-long study of history and the humanities, creates the unique and powerful new perspective on life and reality that you will find running throughout his work.

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Mabel Book


Mabel” Is An Illustrated, Humorous Tale Of Three Unusual Characters, In An Eccentric Old Roadster, Trying To Survive The Unexpected Dangers They Encounter While Exploring The Back Roads Of Western America, Far From Civilization. What Starts As A Simple Vacation Trip Transforms Into A Life Changing Adventure That Will Take You To Places You’ve Never Been Before.

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The Gospel of Jesus

This is the true story of Jesus of Nazareth and the divine message he brought. This actual history reveals how Western Christian churches began promoting a Gospel that you are familiar with today but one that is not what Jesus taught us .

This is the real New Testament.

This amazing book is the result of a lifelong research on the part of one lone religious scholar to discover how and why this happened. He reveals that what Jesus was actually teaching was a simple formula for living with our fellow humans in as close to peace and harmony on Earth as humans can create.

This book is a true revelation. You owe it to yourself to read John Lindell's discovery of Jesus true Gospel.

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