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The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus

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The New Testament's True Gospel.

This is the real history of the New Testament.

This amazing book is the result of a lifelong research effort on the part of one lone religious scholar to discover how and why the Gospel of Saul became today's dominant Christian creed while Jesus' message was overshadowed obfuscated and is practically hidden in Christian theology today.

In this book, John Henry Lindell discovers and separates Jesus' Gospel from Saul's and shows you what Jesus was truly teaching. The Gospel preached by Jesus was profoundly radical for its day. History has shown that Jesus' morality successfully addresses the fundamental issues of our human inability to live peacefully with each other.  It was the basis for Colonial America's success and it still works today.

Jesus' teachings are the foundation for living with your fellow humans in peace and harmony in a life as close to a 'heaven on earth' as humans can create. Get this book and learn about Jesus' divine message, a simple way of improving your life both now and in the hereafter.


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