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The Power of the Overview

The Power of the Overview

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You are limited by what you think you know. Whatever you think about your personal situation or the direction of society, you cannot fix a problem you cannot see. Here are the physical facts to reveal some basic truths hidden right in front of your eyes. Those basic truths are what will give you the power to succeed.

This book presents a new overview of Life on Earth, based on the paradigm shift Astronauts feel viewing the Earth from Orbit. This is about giving you the Power of the Overview. That power comes from the ultimate answers about life and existence. These answers will enable you to see what is now invisible to you, reveal a power within you that you've always had and let you change the future.

To give you an idea of what you will learn, here is a partial listing of the
Table of Contents:

Introduction    xix
Part One:      Getting a True Overview    
  One               How We Look At The World 
Revealing a new way to see your world
  Two               The New Challenge for Life in the U.S. 
Revealing what's behind America's chaos and why 
  Three            Philosophy, Logic and Common Sense
Revealing tools for you to use and build a new life.

Part Two: Answers to Ultimate Questions          

One    Existence      
This chapter outlines the basis of the reality we all live in by answering our ultimate questions about it; questions like: What is the nature of the Universe?, Do we even exist?, Why is there something instead of nothing?, Why is the world (Universe) the way it is? And more.

Two    Life and You
This chapter outlines the basis of our physical Life by answering our ultimate questions about it; questions like: What is Life?, What is Living Matter?, What am I?, What makes me, me, What are the implications of DNA structure’s intelligent design?, Is there a reason for life?, How much control do you have over your life?, Where were people before they were born?, Why do I live?, Why cannot we live forever?, Do aliens exist?  And more.

Three   Mind and Free Will
This chapter outlines the basis of our Inner Life by answering our ultimate questions about it; questions like: What is Consciousness?, Where do thoughts come from?, What is more real, mind or matter?, Is life all a dream?, How do you know your perceptions are real?, Do people have free will?, Do people have a soul?, Why do people fear losing things that they do not even have yet? And more.

Four   Knowledge and Truth             
This chapter answers our ultimate questions about Knowledge and Truth; questions like: Can you really experience (know) anything objectively?, Does sound happen if no one or no 'living thing is present to hear it?, What is truth?, How do we determine truth?, What is knowledge?, How is ‘a priori’ knowledge possible?, What is intelligence?, Where is the line between insanity and creativity?, How can people believe in 'truths' without evidence? And more

Five   Values and Morality 
This chapter answers our ultimate questions about Values and Morality; questions like: What is valuable?, What is just?, What is beauty?, What is true love?, What is true happiness?, Who decides what morality is?, Who defines good and evil?, Do you make your own decisions, or let others make them for you?

Six   God, Life and Death    
This chapter answers our ultimate questions about God, Life and Death; questions like: Does or can (any) God exist?, What is God?, What happens with us after we are dead?, Is there life after death?

Seven  Personal, Loaded and Trick Questions           
This chapter answers many of our important questions we encounter in life; questions like: 7.1. Can we have Happiness without Sadness?, What makes a good friend?, What role does honor play in today’s society?, What will happen at the end of the world?, What is the difference between living and being alive?, Is a 'wrong' act okay if nobody ever knows about it?, Is trust more important than love?, Is it better to love and lose or never to love?, Is it easier to love or be loved?, If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?

Part Three: The bottom line is. . .            

One What this all boils down to.    
This chapter summarizes what you should be able to see for yourself about yourself, your life, society and the Universe after reading the book through to this point and outlines what your future looks now and what it would look like if these ideas are understood by enough people. The solutions outlined for each individual also solve many of society’s problems and point to a happier future. 

Two Answers to Personal Questions            
This chapter gives you some of the more detailed methods you can use to plan your life and future ensuring it will improve your happiness as you go forward over the years and end up retiring satisfied that you have lived a purposeful life. It outlines what you can expect to encounter and methods in dealing with the many of life’s challenges that the author has found to work.

and more in the Appendixes

Appendix A Achieving Common Sense Answers to Difficult Philosophical Questions           
Appendix B  What other schools of Philosophy teach  …and how they compare.     
Appendix C Glossary    
Suggested Readings from my Library:  
Final Note:       
About the Author           

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