Happy Holiday greetings

Happy Holidays 2023-11-29

Thanksgiving is just behind us and the Christmas season is here.

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Once more we gather around each other to celebrate the joyous season of giving and togetherness. It is a time to be thankful for what we have in life. It’s time to help others who, through no fault of their own, are still struggling to achieve what we take for granted. It is also the time to be grateful for the liberties we still have.

Far away in military outposts lonely young men and women stand guard over the peace and tranquility of our country, our society and our way of life. They have given up their liberties while they are in the military guarding us. It is one of the prices we pay for our country’s success and wealth.

Uncle “Grinch” plays Santa Clause

Meanwhile, like the Grinch, our government has a gift for us for this Christmas, one we won’t like when we get it—er have to take it. But, being smart, they’ve delayed making us get it for three years so we won’t know it is coming.  If you buy any new car three years from now, you will not be able to drive it unless their new mandated monitoring system says you can! That’s right!

All new vehicles will be required BY LAW to have a system that "passively monitors the performance of a driver," identifies whether they may be impaired and prevents or limits motor vehicle operation "if an impairment is detected"[highlights mine].  Now  USA Today reported this on 1/19/23 in their article dedicated to vehemently denying that it would be remotely connected to the administration.  Still, this newly required system will watch and listen to you while you are in your car to supposedly prevent you from drinking and driving in the good name of safety.

Since the system can kill your car it brings up the question how would it do that and could it be done remotely? As Lauren Fix pointed out in her op-ed on Oct 24 2023

"One problem identified is the fact that the proposed kill switch is “an ‘open’ system, or at least one with a back door, meaning authorized or unauthorized third parties can remotely access the system’s data at any time.” That of course begs the question; who exactly will have access to your car’s kill switch? Hackers? Police? Department of Justice?"

Freedom of movement is fundamental. The concern that hackers or the Government authorities could prevent you from driving is deadly to your liberty and your life. People voicing concern about this possibility reveals that this is a dictatorial system that could be used to control your movements. The surprising thing is this new automobile control has been planned to be implemented on you, for over a year!

How do I know? Because over a year ago on 1/19/22 Snopes put up a post that said the proposed infrastructure bill’s new kill switch mandate wouldn’t do that and all those rumors worrying about it were false.  So it was already in the works before January 2022 and some people had already heard about it and were worrying on the internet.

Losing the freedom to drive?

Unfortunately for those worried about losing their freedom to drive their car, on Nov 8 the Federalist reported that the effort to remove the monitor drivers and kill switch requirement from the infrastructure bill had failed and it WILL become law when signed by President Biden.

So with the effort to remove this new kill switch mandate from the infrastructure bill defeated you will receive that ‘gift’ of the government once again controlling more of your life, even deciding if you can drive your new car.

Washington State has another ‘gift’, no more gasoline cars!

Oh, and in Washington State, they’ve got another gift for your Christmas stocking that you’ll receive over the next few years. According to the Seattle Times, the Washington State Department of Ecology, in order to require “All new cars sold in the state of Washington to be mostly emission-free by 2035” mandated that starting “…with model year 2026, according to Ecology, automakers will be required to sell 6% to 9% more zero-emission vehicles each year until they make up 100% of new sales by model year 2035."

This means that “all new cars sold in the state by 2035 to be electric, hydrogen-fueled or hybrid with at least 50 miles of electric-only range” whether you want them or not.  No gasoline or diesel powered cars or trucks will be built/sold after that, BY LAW.

How long will it be before they start restricting or removing the existing gasoline or diesel cars and trucks off the highways? Do you honestly think they won’t?

Our future, Government controlled and fueled vehicles.

The plan to FORCE us into Government controlled, government fueled vehicles has been begun. It is not “IF” it is starting now. Its first step is in 3 years, the next major step is 2035 and after that it will be completed with the removal of all gasoline and diesel vehicles shortly thereafter.  

Remember, only government controlled utilities produce electricity. Electricity may be cheap now, but like the introduction of the income tax that will change. Also, because the grid can be computer controlled as well, it is possible that who gets to charge their electric cars can be controlled too.

Have a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. 

Not too many years from now you will look back and remember with fondness being able to drive to the relative’s home, have a family get together and know that your car will take you home even if you had a couple drinks during dinner.

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