Christmas Greetings

Happy Holidays 2023-12-10 and some happy news

Yes it’s really only two weeks until Christmas!

Once more we gather around each other to celebrate the joyous season of giving and togetherness. It is a time to be thankful for what we have in life. It’s time for sharing RogersRocketships Logowith others who, through no fault of their own, are still struggling to achieve what we take for granted.
It is also the time to be grateful for the liberties we still have.

Last week I mentioned those lonely young men and women standing guard over our peace and tranquility, our country, our society and our way of life. May they be blessed.

I also mentioned several unhappy Christmas presents the government is preparing to give us, namely the new AI driver monitoring and vehicle control system as reported by Lauren Fix in her op-ed on Oct 24 2023 and that, on Nov 8 was reported by the Federalist that it would become law for all new cars built after 2025. I also mentioned the Seattle Times report that in the state of Washington no gasoline or diesel powered cars or trucks may be built/sold here after 2035 thus requiring us to purchase electric or hybrid cars. All this points toward future citizens being required to own and drive only Government controlled and fueled vehicles.

I felt sad about having to report such bad news at such a joyous time of the year and so, with a little careful sleuthing I came up with a positive suggestion as to what we can do in the face of these draconian measures.

There is a Santa Clause—And a freedom to travel after all!

There is a way to prevent our children–and ourselves—to be mandated into living with Governmental monitored, electrically fueled cars by the time our kids are ready for a driver’s license.

Just imagine any child born today will be faced with a fundamentally different driving environment. It’s not just that all drivers will be monitored and permitted to drive, no, their car’s software will be subject to hacking and being rationed charging (fuel) station time as electric cars proliferate and the grid’s capacity becomes insufficient. But here’s the good news, there is a way around this dystopian future being planned for us.

The answer is simple, but some maintenance is required. Begin by investing in a classic car built before 1990, the older the better especially those that have been restored and have the standard coil and distributor ignition system. Make sure it is a brand and model you like and can become familiar with the maintenance of. It’s not as hard as you might think and there are lots of enthusiasts of all brands in America to help today. These cars are simple in comparison to our overloaded electronic wonders of today.

Why would anyone want to take the time and get involved with vehicle like that? Several good reasons, the most important of which is that you will have something for transportation when others do not due to power outages and the many potential access and software issues that will become very prevalent in the future as this plan is implemented.

Ask yourself this, what is a car’s main purpose in life? Is it how big its touch screen is or getting you there? Whether it has internet connection or that it gets you to the grocery store and back? All cars built this century have become dependent on electronics or they cannot function. This makes them vulnerable not only to a Nuclear Pulse but to all kinds of secondary problems, not the least will be getting charged or having the Government’s permission to go somewhere.

Cars built before 1990 have fewer to no electronics, are much simpler and are unaffected by the unintended consequences of governmental planning gone astray. They also can be made to run on various alternate fuels besides gasoline in a pinch. History is loaded with examples of people converting spark ignition engines to operate on natural gas, propane, kerosene even coal dust in times of emergencies. When the grid goes down, like in an enemy attack or insurrection, all electric cars are dead. You will still have the freedom to drive. Consider that for a moment.

As we go into the new year you can be sure of one thing, we’ll be facing new problems no one had anticipated. Sometimes the best way to avoid the problems that new technology and required political mandates create is to not be in the group that has to have them.

Have a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas. 

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