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Mom, the Flag and Apple Pie

Do you love your mother?

Would you let someone disrespect or abuse her?

What would you think of someone who would disrespect and let others abuse their mother?

 Mom, the flag and Apple pie. It’s just not normal for any American to not have a deep abiding affection for Motherhood, Old Glory and Apple Pie, there is just not anything more American.

 But today things just are not quite “normal.”  Who could be against such a wholesome thing as Motherhood?  What could be radical about something as natural and loving as being a Mother? I’d like you to watch this short five minute talk by someone who has something interesting to say about it.

Since when did "normal" become ANYTHING other than Normal?

I open this year’s discussion with this subject because as she said, it is an ’Extinction Level Event’ to lose this argument and eliminate motherhood. Any biologist will tell you that if you wish to eliminate a species, be it insect or mammal, you attack their ability to reproduce. So who in their right mind would promote anti-motherhood as a proper “social science” philosophy?  It is hard to believe but there are people out there who really do want to eliminate the human species, that is, everyone but themselves.

 I ask you again, since when did ‘normal’ become anything other than the time honored lifestyle of two people getting married, having children and raising them to become upstanding, independent, rational and moral adults that contribute to society? And by ‘time honored’ I mean not just having a few centuries of success to recommend it, but something that has been the bedrock of both individuals and humanity's success for as long as humans have existed. 

 Since when should being a wife and mother need to be held up as a “Domestic Extremist!” Who could be against such a wholesome thing as Motherhood?  This can’t be something children could pick from home and their parents, it must be coming from our mandatory, regulated Educational system and I point the finger directly at the social ‘sciences’ being taught in Universities. The creation of a word like “husbosexual” is full proof of some supposed “expert’s
 despicable intentions.  

 It is time for you to find out what kind of ideas are being taught to your children in school these days and if it affects your children to do something about it. With the increasing levels of loneliness, depression, drug abuse and generalized despair being found in the younger generation it is a dangerous situation.

 As Peachy Keenan says, the way to win this argument is simple.  Be successful, find someone wonderful, have a family and raise your children to be upstanding adult citizens; be fruitful and multiply and we all win.  

 To better understand the path to a better understanding of the world we live in, I suggest reading my just released “The Power of the Overview, Answers to Ultimate Questions.” It will help you see past the basic insanity of what we find in our society today, give you hope and directions on hoe to create a better world.

After all, it’s a New Year and things need to change. 

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JC Rogers

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